Month: February 2006

  • PlayStation Spots Expand

    Well, it’s about time. Kotaku reports that Sony is planning on expanding the number of PlayStation Spots — where you can download and play demos of games for your PSP — to 150 in Tokyo. I don’t know how many they have now, but I’ve only seen one at the Sony Building in Ginza.

  • Ajisen in Canada

    I’ve never been to a branch of the Ajisen ramen chain, but a reader just sent me word that they’ve opened a shop in Toronto, and they even have TV commercials airing on the local Asian channels. Ramen lovers of the world unite! Pictured in this post is their Chaashuumen, that goes for 800 yen.

  • Intentional Twins

    I’ve mentioned GENEVEtokyo‘s art director Ani Watanabe’s photolog, Fotografia, in the past, but hadn’t checked it out in a while. I still have trouble believing that all the pictures in the “Intentional Twins” gallery are real! Update: As a reader points out, these pictures are indeed manipulated (look at the creases in the clothes).

  • Canned Coffee Review

    I was asked to write a review for the Canned Coffee site, and that’s just what I did. The result, a review of Bourbon’s Caferi, is now up.

  • On Design for February

    Just a reminder that my monthly “On Design” column will be in tomorrow’s (Tuesday) edition of THE JAPAN TIMES. In it, I cover Naoto Fukasawa’s new Neon mobile phone (and I promise that I will take a break from mentioning anything by Fukasawa for at least a few months), the Monacca calculator, the Omron electronic…

  • 3+5+6+8

    Nao Suzuki has an upcoming exhibition, “3+5+6+8,” featuring works from her published series no. 3, 5, 6, and 8. It takes place at Gallery Omotesando, March 6-11 (open 12:00-19:00 daily). More info here (in Japanese).

  • This Week in Magazines

    The new TITLE (73) is an absolutely terrific issue that considers “Design for Air Travel.” It’s air travel porn, basically, with a look at graphics, uniforms, airports, waiting lounges, and pretty much anything else you could associate with air travel, all from a design perspective. A must-buy for anyone with an interest in this sort…

  • Spiral

    A picture I took a while back at the Spiral exhibition I talk about in the first episode of my Tokyo Boy podcast (and if you listened to the podcast in iTunes or on a color-screen iPod you saw this image as a chapter marker).

  • Tales from Earthsea

    Catch a trailer (aired yesterday on a Japanese TV show) for Studio Ghibli‘s upcoming film (out in July), TALES FROM EARTHSEA (GEDO SENKI). The video was found here (in French).

  • iPod Storms Japan

    BusinessWeek says the iPod is taking Japan by storm, but faces competition from cell phones (especially AU).