Sonia Chow


One of the main participants of Canadian Style is Tokyo-based Canadian designer Sonia Chow.

Sonia Chow is a multi-disciplinary designer based in Tokyo. Her achievements include 19 professional awards for graphic design and furniture, and a poster in the collection at the National Gallery of Canada. Her work has been shown in numerous publications, including ELLE Deco Japan and I.D. Magazine’s (USA) 50th Annual Design Review. She has a Bachelor of Design from NSCAD University (Canada). To see more of her work, pick up the March 2006 AXIS magazine and look for “Creators’ Works.”

Included in the show: the “UNILIGHT” (pictured above) floor lamp, the “TWO BITS” block print, and the “KAMO KEN” sculpture, as well as an interactive installation called “Red + White/Read + Write,” where you are invited to add your white chalk markings on a section of the cafe’s red walls (specially painted for the event).