New Radio OK Fred Guest Mix

060209-okfredlogoYes, Radio OK Fred, the podcast that won’t die, is back with a brand new guest mix (#3 — you can download previous mixes by O.Lamm and Marxy here), this time by D*I*R*T*Y Sound System. You can download the mix directly from this link, or subscribe to the Radio OK Fred podcast (past shows can be downloaded here). As for the regular show, we’re set to record a new one on Monday, and I think it’ll be up in time for Valentine’s Day (my co-host, Ay2, was keen on getting a V-Day show out).

As most of you know, we use Libsyn to host the shows — and have been quite satisfied with it — but I’m wondering if anyone would know of any free spaces where I could host some podcasts (this is for my upcoming Tokyo Boy podcast). I might end up using Libsyn if nothing else comes up, but if I can avoid the $5 a month, I’d obviously be very happy.