Tokyo Boy 01


Following my day out in Harajuku/Omotesando today for, among other things, the opening of Omotesando Hills (see the pics), I ended up recording what is to be the first episode of my Tokyo Boy podcast. Recorded with the iTalk recorder on my iPod, it sounds like crap with annoying static throughout (like I said in the past), but I’ve decided to still put it up. I even made chapters with images — this means that if you listen to it on a colored-screen iPod or in iTunes, you’ll be able to skip to the different chapters, and view the accompanying image. As someone had suggested, I wanted to put it on, but even though I followed the instructions, it doesn’t seem to have worked for some reason. So in the meantime, I’m using my .Mac account to host it, and hopefully that will be good enough for now. You can download the file directly here (9.5MB, 18:44), or subscribe to the feed (also, if you click here, it’ll automatically subscribe you in iTunes).

As for the content, it starts with some thoughts on Omotesando Hills, followed by visits to Nadiff, Spiral, the Xbox Lounge, my difficulties in finding POWERMAC, and a return to Ikebukuro.

Update: It’s now up on, and here’s a direct link.