The Spring 2006 Update

Well, for some reason, I got back home after work earlier tonight and decided that I wanted to change the site a bit, and this is what I came up with. With Canadian Style done with, I felt like it was time to get rid of the red, but I’d been itching for a few more changes, and so decided to play around and to see what would happen. I’ll probably still tinker with it a bit, but it’s a start. It seems to work fine on both Safari and Firefox (for Mac), but I have no idea what it’s like on Windows, so do let me know if you encounter any problems (one problem I do know is that the Google ad on the left should also appear on individual entry pages, but for some reason doesn’t). While I was doing this, I also decided to upgrade to WordPress 2.0.1 (up from 1.5.2). The upgrade seems to have gone fine, and the new admin interface is a nice improvement.