This Week in Magazines


  • The latest issue of IDEA (315) features a rather nice gallery of drawings by Aquirax Uno, an artist I wasn’t familiar with at all.
  • BRUTUS (588) sets out to learn from geniuses (“Meet the Geniuses”) in a feature that I found to be a bit too arbitrary.
  • The latest PEN (170) is all about design in Spain, but also has a guide to the Aoyama/Omotesando area. A great issue to pick up if your planning a trip to Spain, as it highlights all the design-friendly spots/shops you should be checking out. I’m also noticing that Starbucks is spending big bucks on magazine sponsorship these days, as the last few issues of both BRUTUS and PEN have been home to Starbucks-sponsored columns.
  • The second issue of DESIGN QUARTERLY includes a gallery of Naoki Honjo’s amazing photography (it’s the fake-looking scenery stuff, also seen in PAPER SKY a few issues back, as well as SWITCH). There’s also a great article by Kenya Hara called “Secondary Function,” that looks at tape and how to give it added value through design.
  • The new DESIGN NOTE (5) covers the world of art direction, with plenty of interviews with top Japanese art directors. Heavy on the examples, so lots of nice eye candy.
  • It seems like half of the magazines I follow have had cover features on books this past month, and add the latest issue of DESIGNERS’ WORKSHOP (Vol. 23, No. 145) to the list, with its “Book Guide 300.” There’s also a piece that takes a look at design magazines from around the world.