Relax Boyz


A new little Relax Boyz figure I picked up.


Moriyama House in QTVR

SHINKENCHIKU offers up a great QTVR look at Ryue Nishizawa’s Moriyama House (mentioned here the other day). Link via


Junko Mizuno Interview

THE COMICS JOURNAL has put online an excerpt from an interview with manga artist Junko Mizuno — the full interview is in the current issue of the magazine, #273.

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GAS Book 22

The next release (22) from the GAS BOOK series covers designer/art director Nagi Noda. Also, this month’s Ginza Graphic Gallery exhibition (February 6-28) is a look at her work, focusing on her “Hanpanda” creations.

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Seth Fisher Passes Away

Seth Fisher, a comic book artist I really, really liked (VERTIGO POP TOKYO, FANTASTIC FOUR/IRON MAN: BIG IN JAPAN), has passed away due to injuries resulting from a fall off a club’s roof in Osaka. More info on the artist (from CR Briefings) here, here, and here.

Update: More info from Drawn! The Illustration Blog.

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This Week at Gridskipper

You can read all of my Gridskipper posts here.

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Konica Minolta, Sayonara


Konica Minolta Holdings Co. announced that it would withdraw from the digital camera and film business by March 31, 2006. The company will also be transferring part of their Digital Single Lens Reflex camera business assets to Sony, and will then focus on its optics and display device fields such as liquid crystal film, and copy machines. The prominent camera brand, which has been in the market for over 130 years since its establishment as Shop Konishiya Rokube in 1873, will completely disappear from the market. (Kyodo News)

Lion Cafe

Marxy checks out the Lion cafe in Shibuya.

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Omotesando Hills Opening Party


Wanna see more from Omotesando Hills? Have a look at this Flickr photoset of pics from last night’s opening party.

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Mobile Phone Update

Tokujin Yoshioka updates his site with images of recent works, including his new AU Design Project contribution, Media Skin. Link via

And a few pics of Naoto Fukasawa‘s Neon at ITmedia.