This Week in Magazines

  • The new issue of RELAX (110) sets us up on a “Meeting with Asian Beauty Masters,” which translates to a look at various Asian health practices — think yoga, kung-fu, and kampo. They also point out places in Japan where you can take classes. I liked the “Suits Style Sampling” piece, which is basically a fashion portfolio of famous people in suits. I think I liked it because I’ve been thinking this year that it might be nice to vary my wardrobe a bit, and try to get a bit classy — I pretty much only wear t-shirts and clothes from Muji.
  • I like some of the interiors in the latest issue of KOHKOKU (366), a look at aspects of Japan. On top of a cover made up of covers within covers (if that makes sense), the interior is made to a look like a book, with graphics used to represent bookmarks or page folds.
  • This month’s STUDIO VOICE (364) is all about artist Shiro Ohtake, but I’m really looking forward to next month’s cover story, “New Design Paradigm.” It’ll be interesting to see a magazine like SV cover design in their own way.