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Make Mine Madhouse

Everyone, we must all get on our knees and bow to the fine folks at Madhouse. First this:

AniPaged Daily reports that Masaaki Yuasa, director of the brilliant anime film Mind Game will be producing a TV series for Madhouse (Ninja Scroll, the various CLAMP adaptations). Kemonozume (Claw of the Beast or Canned Beast), is schedule to air this summer of WOWOW. Madhouse also has a new film by Mamoru Hosoda, a new film by Satoshi Kon, and a recently announced TV series by Mitsuo Iso on slate. (AICN)

A new film from Satoshi Kon!?! Oh my. And then this:

Twitch and Catsuka report Katsuhito Ishii, director of Taste of Tea and character designer of the animated portion of Kill Bill, has written the script for a new anime to be directed by Takeshi Koike (Dead Leaves and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust key animator). The Madhouse animation project is scheduled for 2006. (AICN)

And if that wasn’t enough, the following political anime sounds intriguing as well:

Little Harlock posts on Anime on DVD’s forum that Madhouse has annonced that they have licensed seinan (older audience male) title Taiyo no Mokushiroku ~ A Spirit of The Sun by Kaiji Kawaguchi. Masayuki Kojima (director of MONSTER) will be directing the projecting. The series, scheduled for WOWOW this fall is a largely political drama looking at Japan after a natural disaster. (AICN)

Consider me very excited by all these projects.