Headphone Update

Well, in the end, I ended up having to pick up another pair of Apple In-Ear Headphones. At first I tried picking up a cheap pair, and although I was expecting the crappy sound quality, again, they just wouldn’t fit in my ears properly, and hurt as all hell (especially my left ear). A lot of you had given me plenty of suggestions, but looking at all the other headphones at the store, they all seemed to have the same sort of ear piece, which just doesn’t seem to be compatible with my ear canals. The Apple headphones are the only ones where the extremity gets narrower, which is what seems to do the trick for me. It’s not really a matter of having too small ears, since I use the middle of the 3 sizes that are included, but rather a question of shape. But in the end, I was always happy with the sound quality — and of course the fit — and my only gripe was that I’d gone through 2 pairs in 2 years, but from the what I’d heard from you, that seems to be pretty much par for the course for any pair you get and use extensively. Also, since I had some Bic Camera points saved up, I got them at pretty much half the price, so I’m rather happy right now.