This Week in Magazines

pencover gmini09 cover-1

  • The latest issue of BRUTUS (592) invites us on a trip out to the mountains, with a report that features stunning photography (some of it was part of a recent exhibition at the Speak For Gallery in Daikanyama) that really makes you want to get out of the city as quickly as possible and get a bit of fresh air. I know that for me, it’s been quite a while since I’ve gone trekking in the mountains with Yuko, and I think we’re way due.
  • The new PEN (174) celebrates “Life with Bike,” and is pretty much a love embrace to everything that involves the bicycle, from famous brands, makers, riders, even including some suggested bike courses in Tokyo, with recommended cafe stops! Again, this issue reminded me of how I need to get on a bike again, and it’s a funny coincidence since I’ve been eyeing a particular bike at Muji of late…
  • PAPER SKY (17) takes us on a tour of Greece with their “Real Greece A to Z” guide. Also, there’s a mention of a new DVD that compiles episodes of the PAPER SKY TV show.
  • This month, GIRLIE (Vol. 09) devotes most of its pages to the phenomenon that is the Nintendo DS game DOUBUTSU NO MORI (ANIMAL CROSSING). Lots of tips on how to get great accessories in the game, and lists of favorite characters. They also look at the recent manga boom, focusing on the many TV adaptations that are currently airing (or about to air).