Real Tokyo Estate


The Real Tokyo Estate project has released a book, and from REALTOKYO’s description, it sounds like it could make for an interesting read.

This book of RT’s blood brother (?) Real Tokyo Estate introduces in texts and photographs the agency’s work and the various individual episodes it triggers. These are the stories of houseowners and tenants who make smart (and casual) use of such unique and slightly odd objects as refurbished old houses, buildings with lofts but no elevators, or those that come with a genuine, Japanese-style garden. The material gathered in this book serves at once as an entertaining document of the vision and the physical efforts of the RTE members around Baba Masataka (known from RT’s “Tokyo Editors’ Diary”), and as a hint at possible ways of living in Tokyo today. It’s a book that makes one aware of the fact that playing around with the variable parts is the most exciting thing about real estate. (REALTOKYO)