More or Enough

Today marks the release date of Taichi’s new album on the Revirth label, MORE OR ENOUGH. I wrote a review of it for the latest issue of OK FRED — I even alluded to it in the coffee review I wrote for the Canned Coffee site — but because of a production error it didn’t make it in (it’ll be in the next issue), so I’m posting the review here, to help promote an album I quite like.

Sharing band duties with units such as GROUP and stim, Taichi has also found the time to come up with challenging solo records of his own. With this third solo release, his second on the Revirth label, he quickly sets the tone for what turns out to be an adventurous, if carefully grounded record that continues to provide what he has set out to do on previous albums: the creation of electro soundscapes that straddle the line between jazz and beats, somehow all coming together in a mix of inspired sounds. The opening “Spotlight” is a bouncy catchy track that starts the album nicely, then leading into a more abstract electronic frontier often filled with dub-induced deep grooves (no wonder, as Pata of Dry & Heavy contributes to “Deep Space Line”). He even goes tribal at times, as with “Overtone,” mixing break beats and didgeridoo-like sounds. The epic-like feel continues well into “From Dusk Till Dawn,” a track that feels like it belongs in a movie soundtrack (to a movie I’d definitely love to see). It’s the sort of album that has a definite flow, and the “trip” you end up embarking on is quite the satisfying one.
Here’s the album offered at Amazon Japan (they do international orders), Tower Records, and Cisco Records.