An Afternoon in Harajuku and Aoyama


I had quite a productive day yesterday, starting early in Harajuku, followed by an interview session for the METROPOLIS podcast (about a piece I’m writing for them), and then some more walking around Aoyama. Took plenty of pictures — including that new building in Harajuku I’ve been talking lots about — and I’ll put those up on Flickr over the week. Also, I recorded a new episode of the TOKYO BOY podcast, and I’ll try to edit and upload it as soon as possible. Also got some goodies, including a new Relax Boy for my collection, some nice new tees from Graniph, and an amazing stationery set from KOKUYO and Dainippon Type Organization — I’m so in love with it that I don’t even want to use it! More on everything in separate posts throughout the week.

Pictured here is a sign for the new Paul Smith Space shop in Aoyama, which occupies the same building as the old IDEE Sputnik store, across the street from Las Chicas.