New W42S from Sony Ericsson

For some reason, Paul is getting all hot and bothered by what looks like the new Sony Ericsson W42S for AU. Me, I think it’s ugly as all hell. “Walkman” features? Please. You have seen my current keitai, right?

More from Paul:

I am getting pretty excited by this spy shot of what looks like a shop-shelves dummy model of the forthcoming AU Kddi Sony Ericsson WIN phone series W42S. Notice the “Walkman” icon (weird… all AU phones are already mobile digital music players thanks to LISMO)… Notice the weird metal dial at the bottom of the phone (some kind of attach for a hook system to strap your phone on your bag or clothes?)… Notice the unusual Xpad with a weird plasticky area at the center (this has to glow and blink during calls, or it could be some sort of novel trackpad area… scroll pages by rubbing your thumb there…). Woooooooooooooh!

UpdateLooks like the link to the image died, so I removed it.