New Favicon

I noticed not long ago that the favicon for my site had disappeared, probably due to a server move last year. I took the opportunity to make a new one, which you should see now in the address bar — if you don’t see it, try refreshing or clearing your cache.


Vice Does Comics

Anyone know where in Tokyo I can find copies of VICE? I can never find any, and I absolutely want to get my hands on the new comics issue.

UpdateFrom a reader, “I can usually find Vice in the basement level of XLarge in Harajuku. (Next to Milkfed).”


New Apple Ads

I love the 6 new Apple ads, especially the one about networking with the Japanese bit.

Design Meta Technology


I am now the proud owner of the Naoto Fukasawa-designed Neon, part of the AU Design Project. It actually wasn’t that easy getting my hands on one. My close to 2-year-old previous phone was dying a slow death this past month (the spin wheel wouldn’t work for days at a time, meaning I had no access to my menus, so couldn’t make calls or send messages) and so figured I was due for an upgrade, and really wanted a Neon. But trips to different Bic Camera stores, as well as the AU shops, always had the same result: the phone was only available for new contracts (and I didn’t want to change my number). Finally, not able to stand it anymore, I went to the AU store earlier today to get my old one fixed, and as I was talking and joking a bit with the staff there (you know, expressing my absolute joy if ever I could get my hands on a Neon), the person I was dealing with relented. At first she said I could only get a blue one, but only white would do (that’s just how I roll), so she went looking for 5-10 minutes, and finally came up with the one white Neon they had in stock. On top of that, I had enough AU points saved up (points I didn’t even know I had) to get the phone at half the price!

I haven’t played around with it much yet, but it does sadden me that even now, in 2006, all the software that comes with the phone (to support the USB cable) works only in Windows. I mean, come on, it’s the AU Design Project, and they don’t even include one driver for Macs!?! I should be able to transfer music files (the phone also acts as a music player) through a miniSD memory card, which I’ll have to buy, but it would have been nice (and easier) to just plug it in my Mac.

Art Events

Take Me on a Tour

Momus takes an online tour of the current Tokyo art shows.

UpdateHe follows-up with a second post.


Polypunk 7

Another GW treat: Digiki has just upped a new Polypunk mix!

Events Music

Sunaga t’ Experience Live Report


Patrick went to see the first ever Sunaga t’ Experience live gig, and lives to tell the tale.


Buzztracker Update

cmp_logo_smallIn his latest entry at the Chin Music Press blog, Craig updates us on the recent changes made to Buzztracker.

Art Events

Contemporary Canadian Video Collection


I don’t usually post Osaka-related event info — I am a Tokyo Boy after all — but hey, time to show my patriotic colors!

Contemporary Canadian Video Collection

*date:Friday, 5th to 28th May [open: Thursdays to Sundays] 15:00~21:00

*Artist talks: Saturday, 6th and 27th May 15:00~
*Guest:Tanya Read(6th)/ Matthew Evans(6th)/Maura Doyle(6th)/Shinobu Akimoto (6th/27th)

*Exhibiting artists:Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby)/Matthew Evans/G. L. N. (Maura Doyle & Tony Romano)/Jean-Paul Kelly/Sandy Plotnikoff/Tanya Read/Shinobu Akimoto

*admission:500 yen

Artist pick up, this time, introduces Canadian artists selected by Shinobu Akimoto, an artist working both in Canada and Japan. Canada has been producing many of artists, video art organizations, artist-run spaces, and internaitonal festivals under the national support since the1970s. Akimoto selects 7 group of artists who incorporate art into life or life into art, in order to live better, and by choice or not by, adopt a do-it-yourself strategy. In addition to the exhibition and artist talks by 4 artists, Akimoto gives a talk about Canadian Contemporary art scene, influences of social, and cultural environments and system as well as an alternative space, Mercer Union, where she belongs to as a board member. Remo redefines moving image as a “transport” for various information and values, and promotes events that cultivate a new communication tool from daily life to the field of art, which is relevant to the 21st century.

Artist pick up focuses on moving image in the contemporary art field, and introduces new representations beyond the conventional grammar of moving image. We aim to create the platform to consider the diversities and potentials pf video expressions through screenings, installations in the space maximally exploited.

remo [reccord, expression and medium- organization]
4th floor Festival Gate
3-4-36 Ebisuhigashi,
Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi
556-0002 JAPAN

tel+fax +81-(0)6-6634-7737

Osaka city subway Midosuji/Sakaisuji Line [Dobutsuen-mae] sta. Exit 5
JR East Loop/Yamatoji Line [Shin imamiya] Sta. Exit


More Site Updates

You know, with it being Golden Week, it’s a good time to be tinkering with bits of the site (and I’m enjoying doing so at Co-Lab today). After adding (or rather I should say bringing back) the TAB badge in the sidebar, I’ve just added probably the most requested feature following the re-design of the site a couple of months ago: a latest comments list! If you look in the sidebar (main page only) you’ll find a list of most recently commented posts, along with the number of comments, as well as the names of the people who wrote them. I hope this adds a bit of functionality to the site.