This Week in Magazines

  • This month’s issue of MAC POWER (198) — by far the best Mac magazine ever — covers Groovisions in Hong Kong (GRV HKG), as a show for the unit recently made it to the city. It’s a lengthy feature with lots of GRV-related goodness.
  • BRUTUS (594) presents its “Brutus International Airport,” which is basically a look at airports around the world, including rankings, and things you should keep an eye out for in each of them. It’s no coincidence that this issue is out at the same time as the RTA event in Aoyama/Omotesando, as they cover that as well (and of course the newly renovated Narita airport terminal).
  • STATIONERY MAGAZINE (002) is back with enticing new stationery porn. They list plenty of best-sellers, and also include a guide to some nice shops in Tokyo.
  • There’s already a new issue of PEN out, covering designer Kashiwa Sato (haven’t leafed through it yet), but the previous issue (176) concerned itself with all things soba. I myself have been on a soba kick for the past couple of months — makes for a nice light lunch.