Bowling, Beer, and Soccer

Last night I went out and bowled for the first time in Japan (and first time in ages) and had an absolute blast. Now, I’m sure bowling in North America has also been updated since the last time I played (probably 7-8 years ago), but I was really taken in by all the high-tech aspects of it: scoring is done automatically, and at the end you get a sheet with scores, pin formations, as well as a picture of you and the people you were playing with. Even better are the monitors that not only show scores, but also video of the pins (there are cameras over the pins), and then these wacky little videos after every play, usually showing a cute girl saying how happy she is, or disappointed, in your shot. It was also my first time big ball bowling, meaning with the holes for your fingers, and that was fun too. Also played a few rounds of good ol’ air hockey, followed by a run on the SUPER MARIO KART arcade game.

Tonight’s of course the big game for Japan (against Australia), and so I got me a couple of bottles of Asahi Stout to enjoy while watching the match!