Cibone Book Corner

The Cibone select shop has just opened a book corner.

More than just an interior shop, but dedicated to “life editorial” of a greater scale, Cibone announces the start of a book corner stocking about 2,000 copies of different publications. A look at the lineup suggests a theme along the lines of “What your bookshelf would look like if Shirasu Jiro, Itami Juzo and Uekusa Jinnichi were born in the 21st century”. When London’s own furniture expo “100% Design Tokyo” was held for the first time in Japan last year, the shop’s unique style made Cibone the most interesting exhibitor. Cibone has introduced a selection of outstanding Dutch designers, set up a large-scale reconstruction of STUDIO JOB’s image room inside the shop, and presented new furniture designs after the graphic images of Marcel Wanders’ Moooi, and we can surely expect from the new book corner an equally broad range of topics. (REALTOKYO)