Oshii on Gedo Senki

Mamoru Oshii has done some animation work for the upcoming Ghibli film TALES FROM EARTHSEA (GEDO SENKI), directed by Hayao Miyazaki’s son, Goro, and here’s what Oshii has to say about the controversial remarks that have come from the father (he has stated that he doesn’t believe his son is ready to helm a feature):

Oshii: I’m considerably interested in Gedo Senki which Goro-kun is making now. I know his father well, and it’s a very interesting movie after a long time. There is nothing as interesting as a parent/child fight.

Q: What do you think about the younger generation making a movie?
O: I don’t have a sense of impending crisis like Miya-san (Hayao Miyazaki). He has the sense of crisis that he is being driven into retirement by the young generation. He tries to kick the other party to the bottom of a ravine, even in the case of his own son. I don’t have such recognition. In the world of anime, the generation older than me are still in active service. Miya-san, Tomino-san, Takahata-san, Dezaki-san, Ryosuke-san (Ryosuke Takahashi), and my secretary are all still active. All directors who came out of the world of TV anime are still active. Nobody is going to retire. I’m don’t believe this world. Nobody tries to drag down them. I think “someone will drag down them early”, though nobody actually does it. The younger generation is waiting for it with well-manner. If they are left, nobody will not retire. Miya-san’s motivation be full of. It is only one that I expect Goro-kun, “Drive your father to retirement early. Only you can do it”. Say to your father, “‘It is not your times now!’ If it can be proven to succeed even if other person make a movie, that annoying father need not be handled.”

The following is a translation found on Nausicaa.net (by way of AICN) of a short interview that was done for Chibli Channel.