I’m not quite sure who Hanakengo are and what they do, except that they’re two Japanese girls, they were at Design Festa last month, and are now in Montreal and were recently featured on the cover of THE MONTREAL MIRROR, one of the city’s weekly guides.

They’re white, sparkly and have zip-up genitals, they dress-up like teletubby-boogieman aliens dipped in drag queen, and frolick about like cheerleaders on LSD. So what is Hanakengo? Who knows, and, really, who cares? I almost peed my pants laughing. And through it all, Hana and Kengo manage to work out a pretty tight little dance routine. It’s a healthy lift to any mood and surely one of the weirder ways of familiarizing yourself with Japanese culture. Plus, it’s only 20 minutes long, so you can’t go wrong. Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to this insanely hilarious show. (MIRROR)