This Week in Magazines


  • Just in time for summer, BRUTUS (596) presents its guide to “Ice Cream & Summer Treats.” You get plenty of lists featuring all the best Japanese entries in various sweets categories (fruit-based, popsicles, traditional tastes, etc.) as well as special rankings and polls. It’s quite exhaustive, and they even include a list of Muji’s 12 top-selling sweets, topped by their version of the baum.
  • The latest issue of PEN (178) sure made me want to travel with their “Best of Favorite Hotels” feature. The awkward sounding title refers to the fact that all included hotels are picks from various celebrities (mostly creators). There’s also a survey of luxury watches, if that sort of thing interests you.
  • AERA DESIGN has launched a second issue, this time featuring “Great Masters Who Designed in Japan.” It’s a rather nice guide to some of the great Japanese creators in various fields (architecture, graphics, interior design, etc.), and acts as a terrific reference tool with plenty of examples given for each designer. Worth picking up by anyone with an interest in Japanese design.
  • I have mentioned LIFE WITH CAMERA (KAMERA BIYORI) in the past, but it’s not a magazine I regularly go through. I was leafing through last month’s issue (Vol. 6) recently while having lunch at Cafe Add+Ress in Ikebukuro, and again, I’ll say that it’s a nice little photography magazine. That issue covered travel photography, and I like the way they approach the topic, which has more to do with what to do with your pictures after the trip, rather than focusing on the actual shoot, with all sorts of craft ideas on creating nice journals and the like.