I’m writing a separate post (outside of the latest “This Week in Magazine” post) for the first issue of PLANTED, which is the newly launched eco-themed (“Life with Plants on this Planet,” and was even printed with soy ink!) magazine from Knee High Media (PAPER SKY, MAMMOTH, BABY MAMMOTH) and the MAINICHI SHIMBUN, because I think it deserves to be highlighted. As you’d expect from KHM, it’s a beautifully-designed magazine, and the first issue was even art directed by Yasushi Fujimoto (Cap). A nice added touch is the cover which invites you to color it, as well as the included much larger poster-sized version inside(another insert is a cute little “A to Z” guide to plants). The LOHAS/eco magazine market seems to be getting crowded, with plenty of engaging reads, but PLANTED is a worthy new entry.