This Week in Magazines

  • Apologies, but I just don’t really feel like saying anything about the latest issue of RELAX (115). It’s about sleeping. Yawn. I’m just hoping they end the run with a nice retrospective issue.
  • For some reason, I’ve never really picked up an issue of EYESCREAM, but someone was recently describing it to me as a sort of RELAX (the nineties version), and so I decided to give it a look. I like the main feature in the current issue (September 2006), “31 Faces,” with full-page photographs of various creators — and hey, nice pic of Kiiiiiii! There’s also an “18 Places” piece that had some nice picks. I liked it enough to pick it up for the cafe.
  • The latest BRUTUS (599) takes an extensive look at the works of Jakuchu Ito, with beautiful fold-outs as well. There’s even a 2-page summary of all the pieces in English, which was a bit surprising, and very welcomed — wish they did this in every issue! For more on the current show in Tokyo that includes some of Jakuchu Ito’s works, see this post from
  • PEN (181) devotes its latest issue to a fascinating, and richly illustrated, look at “Advertising Design.” They cover some key designers, and go through various fields of advertising.
  • The new STUDIO VOICE (369) carries a guide to new manga for 2006-2007, and it just makes me sad that I’m not able to read some of the series they mention. This issue also a one-page ad that mentions September 16 as the release date for the relaunch of the Japanese edition of TOKION, with the tagline: “This is the new Tokyo style.”