More Biking Adventures


As you could tell by my moblogging yesterday, I’m still enjoying the hell out of my new bike, and ended up doing the long trek to Tokyo Big Sight. On Thursday I was in and around Ginza for a while, and then headed back to Kundanshita to meet up with Craig at Co-Lab. We grabbed some lunch at a Russian restaurant in Jimbocho, and then went to this really funky cafe I’ll post more about later. When I told him about my idea of biking to the “Good Design Presentation,” he showed me the best route (he’d done the same thing the day before), and I realized that it was definitely doable, and not that complicated a route (quite easy actually). From my apartment to Tokyo Big Sight took me 1 hour and 20 minutes, which I think is pretty decent for someone like me who only started biking around the city a few days ago, especially since I still need to check my atlas every once in a while to get my bearings. The Good Design show was fantastic, but walking around the exhibition space for 3 hours took its toll. On my way back, I remembered spotting a sign for the CODAN Shinonome housing development, and I’d always wanted to check out the mYwaY store by TRICO there, so decided to head inside and try to find it. Finding it was quite easy, and as soon as I walked in I was welcomed by Haruna (pictured above), who works there, and brought me a glass of tea. After having a look at the gallery on the second floor, I came back down and ended up staying a couple of hours, drinking some beer — they have a mini-bar area near the register — and chatting with Haruna. When I finally left, it was around 7, so completely dark out, which made for an amazing ride, as I could see all of Odaiba illuminated.