Uniqlo Container Stores in NYC

More guerilla retailing from Uniqlo in the US:

Uniqlo will deliver container stores modeled after a ship’s cargo containers to various locations in Manhattan and beyond during Labor Day weekend, according to Women’s Wear Daily. As a precursor to the October opening of Uniqlo’s 36,000-sq.-ft. flagship in SoHo, the container stores will operate every weekend until the flagship opens. The exterior of the container stores is made from corrugated metal, while the inside is fitted with shelves. The container stores, which are arriving from Tokyo, will be transported from the pier on flatbed trucks, then lifted by cranes and placed on streets throughout New York. Merchandise in the container stores will vary to reflect the demographics of each neighborhood. The SoHo flagship will be the largest of the company’s 730 stores worldwide. (PSFK)