TV Gets it Wrong

I’m watching this week’s series of ATTACK OF THE SHOW episodes that were taped in Tokyo, and they mention that the Starbucks that overlooks Shibuya crossing is the biggest one in the world. Is this true?

Oh, and while on the topic of western shows covering Japan, I watched the first episode of HEROES, which I liked, but the Japan/Tokyo-related stuff just killed me. It’s good that the main Japanese character is really Japanese, but you’re telling me that in all of Hollywood they couldn’t find even one more native Japanese speaker to play his buddy? And the sets… Oh my, probably some of the worst I’ve seen. The street scene was just laughable. What I can’t understand is that they must realize that the show will probably get a big DVD release in Japan — like the huge hit that LOST is on DVD here — and you’d think they’d keep that in mind while making the show, especially since one of the main characters is Japanese.