Table Tennis Selling Well?


Following the great time I had at the party organized by Rockstar Games for their new Table Tennis game, I was really looking forward to the release (which was this past Thursday), but surprisingly, I haven’t been able to find a copy yet! Yesterday, the day after release, I went to the main Bic Camera shop in Ikebukuro, but it wasn’t on the shelves. Then on my way back from work, I stopped in Shibuya and went to the Sakuraya store, only to be told that they were sold out. I’m not saying that it’s selling out everywhere — Brad got a copy at the Bic Camera flagship store in Yurakucho — but I’m surprised that it’s so hard to get. I’ll try a few more store in Ikebukuro today, as I really want to get some play in (and kick Brad’s ass online).

UpdateGot my copy yesterday at Ikebukuro’s Sakuraya. They had none on the shelves, but when I asked at the counter I got one.