This Week in Magazines

  • The latest issue of BRUTUS (603) is all about beef! Yes, everything you ever wanted to know about beef but were afraid to ask, including best cuts, favorite restaurants, etc. They also include a new volume of their “Meet You at the Bar” series, recommending a few Tokyo bars.
  • PEN (185) focuses on “Vehicles in [the] Future,” which held my interest more than what a regular vehicle guide would. Lots of fantastic designs, including stuff that might not be that far off from actually happening. I quite liked the bicycle section.
  • EYESCREAM (November 2006) presents “The High-Tech Issue,” with Daft Punk on the cover. Lots of tech-induced articles within, but with a decidedly cultural/fashion twist.
  • This month’s CASA BRUTUS (80) invites us on a tour of “The Near Future of Japanese Design,” with a lovely cover by Groovisions. Basically, what you get is a survey of current and upcoming designs, and acts as a great snapshot of the current Japanese design scene. They also include a preview of Tokyo Design Week. On newsstands, you’ll also find a new mook, “The Complete Grand Tour with Ando,” which compiles the various “grand tour” issues with Tadao Ando that have come out since 2002.
  • 2006 isn’t over yet, so STUDIO VOICE (371) manages to feature yet another book guide, this time with the theme “Creator’s Favorite Books.” As always, it’s quite exhaustive/descriptive, and divided in categories (this time by profession — artists, musicians, graphic designers, etc.)
  • This month’s ESQUIRE (Vol. 20 No. 11) shows a lot of love to the world of magazines, looking at magazine culture in general, as well as profiling various magazines and magazine categories. It’s also a “Fashion Special Book” (Vol. 3, “Niigata”), and so is quite thick.
  • +81 have a new issue of their +81 VOYAGE mook series, this time covering Scandanavia.