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Groovisions Monitor01


I’m not quite sure why they’re just mentioning it now, as it’s been out for a while, but the GroovisionsMONITOR01 DVD does look great. I’ve been wanting to get it ever since I first saw it, but can’t get around to paying 4000 yen for something so short.

GROOVISIONS’ motion graphic DVD, “GRV2283, GRV2284” is now on sale. GRV2283 is a story about a strange group of gang going around town to the swinging music by HALFBY. You will find humor here and there within the simple and systematic structure of the images, characteristic of GROOVISIONS, and you won’t get tired of watching this DVD over and over. GRV2284 is a scaled up version of “Cloudbusting”, the exhibition shown at gallery ROCKET in 2004. It is a spectacular picture scroll that circles the earth in one cut. Both works’ progress with a pleasant tempo, making it a perfect choice for BGV. Now on sale at GROOVISIONS & NOWONMEDIA online shops. (Atmosphere)