Wii on Display

Jeux France posts a few images of a store that has already set up displays for the Wii, ahead of the December 2 sale date (they don’t say what store this is from though). Me, I’m still excited about the Wii, but I have to say that the only time I started having some reservations was after I got my 45-inch HDTV set, and realized that the Wii wasn’t going to support any resolution higher than 480p. Gamecube and PS2 games look pretty crappy on my TV now, and even though I do realize that the Wii is not about the graphics, I’m still worried that the games are going to look blown up and blurry. Another thing is that I’ve been saying forever that I would go and stand in line overnight to get one, but with the weather getting cold now… Have I said lately how much I absolutely adore my 360? SPLINTER CELL: DOUBLE AGENT. CALL OF DUTY 3. GEARS OF WAR. Yeah, I haven’t been sleeping much of late. The only problem I’ve encountered is that the recent downloadable update that supposedly added 1080p support hasn’t done so to my TV (which is this Sharp Aquos set that fully supports 1080p).