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Art and Design Job Board on TAB

I know how difficult it is to find work in the art and design industries here in Tokyo/Japan — believe me, I get plenty of mail on the subject — especially if you don’t speak Japanese, and now Tokyo Art Beat gets ready to lend a helping hand with the launch of a job board — they’re even offering 20 free listings before the December 1 launch date!

Taking inspiration from a recent trend in the US IT industry, Tokyo Art Beat has debuted a new section: “Jobs.” Jobs is a new job board that will launch on the 1st of December with job offers specially targeted at the dynamic community of Art & Design professionals that read Tokyo Art Beat.

Finding the right job in our industries is a difficult endeavor, with too few tools specifically targeted at us. We want to make TAB Jobs this new tool, where companies can advertise directly to their core target and where we can easily find jobs specific to our skills.

– It will be bilingual and nationwide, where offers can be posted in Japanese or English only, or both.
– It will be easy to post and browse, using the same design that has made TAB so great to use. Categories will include: Art, Print/Photo, Web/IT, Space/Product, Screen/AV, Business, Other.
– It will be affordable: only 20,000 yen for a 30 day job listing. All proceeds support the future of TAB, a non-profit service of GADAGO NPO.

So if you are looking for staff, please contact us! We are currently offering 20 free posts! (IN-duce)