This Week in Magazines


  • This month’s edition of MAC POWER (204) features the “Creative Forefront of Asia,” which means spotlighting the art/design scenes of a few Asian cities. One of the articles got me interested in the following two Taiwanese design magazines: PPAPER and MOGU.
  • BRUTUS (606) goes to the movies with their “CineLove” issue, boasting coverage of 565 titles. As expected, you get various lists (in the form of an insert), celebrity picks, and a few articles that spotlight some of the latest notable titles and/or creators.
  • PEN (188) goes to school, or rather “Design Academy,” with a very enticing look at top design schools from around the world, inviting us to “meet next creativity.” I’ve never trained/studied as a designer or anything, but a lot of these institutes seem like dream factories to my eyes! The issue also features a rather nice guide to Fukuoka.
  • This month’s CASA BRUTUS (81) is all about “Paris A to Z,” which means that it’s pretty much THE guide you need if ever you’re in the city and want to know about all the design-related spots you need to see.
  • I won’t say much about the latest STUDIO VOICE (372), that covers 90s culture in Japan (“Cut Up 90’s”), since I expect Marxy to offer a more complete rundown soon enough. I was a bit surprised by their list of defining 90s records, as it doesn’t include a lot of things you’d expect to see there.
  • I can’t recommend the latest issue of DESIGN NOTE (10) enough, with its look at Japan’s major creative agencies, including attractive portfolios for each. There’s also an “Art Director’s Talk” with Yasushi Fujimoto (CAP), Kashiwa Sato (SAMURAI), ad Michihiko Yanai (Kaze to Rock).
  • The new issue of ECIFFO (49), the bilingual magazine that covers office space design, is a showcase of “Inspiring Workplaces.” Quite a few interesting things here, including some studies on what would make the best sort of work environment, as well as some rather killer examples that already exist.
  • I mentioned it before, but this month’s TOKION JAPAN (55) features a great cover story on Megumi Matsubara (Assistant) and Michael Thorsby (PMKFA).