JEANSNOW.NET Searches: End of December 2006

So what are the search terms that are bringing readers to the site these days? “jean snow” and “jeansnow” are still tops, so either it’s people who can’t remember the site’s address (hint: starts with “jeansnow,” ends with “.net”), or I’ve got a little cult of personality going. Bape is still going strong — the Bape London shop is still tops — but gaining ground is Hysteric Glamour (and coincidently, my latest post at Gridskipper relates to the brand). The Willcom R9 phone got a lot of interest, as did the Yutori Kimono shoes from Puma. Seems like there’s also interest in Naoki Honjo — maybe I should write more on him. “tokyo blog” seems natural enough, and of course “japanese jeans” (Jeans Now!)

Another nice thing with the Mint program is that you can get stats on searches done on the site, to see what people are looking for once they already are here. Tops is “pecha kucha,” which is probably due to Momus‘ recent rant (and supposed satire) that caused some fuss. Next up are “record store” and “kono takashi,” and I see even “marxy” gets some attention.