This Week in Magazines

  • REAL DESIGN (8) swerves a bit this month with a rather large amount of clothing-related design coverage, and then gets quite eclectic — as always — with pieces on the PS3, traditional design in Kyoto, the Hotel Okura (as a “design hotel”), and much more. I always enjoy the article where they give us a peek inside the work space of design offices.
  • EYESCREAM (2007/01) takes it to the street with its “Street Culture Issue,” mostly focusing on “Bicyle Life,” especially street racing with the likes of Hiroshi Fujiwara. I know OK FRED‘s Yoshi is quite the bike fiend — he’s currently on the hunt for a new ride — and I’m sure he probably found something to like in this issue.
  • TITLE (83) offers up “The Ultimate DVD Selection,” which is indeed quite exhaustive, but will only be worth picking up if you can read Japanese. They also include an insert in the form of a DVD loaded with the first episodes of PRISON BREAK, CHARLIE JADE, and DHARMA & GREG (the DVD coverage of course includes collections of TV dramas).
  • STUDIO VOICE (374) covers another decade, this time the 80s, with a complete guide to all things cultural by way of the usual categories any reader of SV will be familiar with. Nice nod to Katsuhiro Otomo on the cover with the use of AKIRA’s Tetsuo, which seems quite fitting (that film has got to be the defining anime work of the eighties).
  • This month’s issue of AXIS (125) sports a cover interview with designer Patricia Urquiola, and a feature that takes a look at what the state of design might look like in 2008.