This Week in Magazines

  • The latest issue of BRUTUS (609) follows brain scientist — and all-around celebrity these days — Kenichiro Mogi in a cover feature they call “Mogidas.” Won’t be of much interest unless you read Japanese.
  • PEN (191) has a great issue that looks at East European graphics, with of course plenty of works on display, and profiles on various creators. There’s also a piece that looks at documentary film, with a few picks.
  • This month’s ELLE DECO (88) is all about possible interior design trends for the year, with its “Deco Trend 2007” cover feature. Nice to see Jesper get quoted in the piece!
  • CASA BRUTUS (83) offers up its annual home design survey, “My Home 2007,” and as always, it’s a bilingual issue that includes a section with English translations of all the main articles.