This Week in Magazines


  • The latest issue of PAPER SKY (20) wants to show you how to “Get Warm in the Cold,” by way of a feature on Aomori, with lots of nice onsen picks that will make you wish you could be soaking right now.
  • EYESCREAM (2007/02) offers up a “My Best Issue,” which means various creators share lists of their favorite things.
  • MAC POWER (206) goes “Hybrid,” which is how they present the attitude required for a new creative lifestyle — think combining themes or ideas in your life. There’s also an interview with Toru Hashimoto, of Cafe Après-midi, Suburbia Suite, and Free Soul fame.
  • This month’s REAL DESIGN (9) announces that it’s time to “Change Your Business Office.” It’s a survey of attractive Japanese work spaces — mostly of designers — and also features that too-cool-for-school funky setup of Assistant (with a Snapazoo in the picture!)