I haven’t been this excited for the launch of a new magazine since, well, I think I’ve never been so curious to pick up the first issue of a new magazine. MONOCLE is the latest venture from Tyler Brule — Mr. WALLPAPER* himself, before he sold it years ago — and looks to mix the tried and true style guides of that previous magazine with a more serious political and business bent (with added online content that will only be accessible by subscription). The first issue, out today, features a cover story that looks at Japan’s rather powerful — and more and more inappropriately named — Maritime Self Defence Force. I’m passing through Shibuya tomorrow, so will definitely be picking up a copy at Tower Records.

UpdateWell, today while I was in Shibuya I went to Tower Records, the ABC at the top of HMV, and the Libro/LIBROS in Parco, and didn’t find any copies of MONOCLE. Huh? Is it just taking a while before copies get to Tokyo?

Update 2magCulture’s Jeremy offers a peek inside the issue.