This Week in Magazines

  • CASA BRUTUS (84) covers the “Japanese Hotel Evolution,” in the form of a rundown of the latest and greatest when it comes to Japanese hospitality and accommodations. They also have a piece that calls out to “Save the Modern Architecture,” spotlighting older, and iconic, architectural landmarks.
  • TITLE (86) is “Addicted to Photo Love!” It’s a rather nice survey of all things photo, including tips on photography, books to look for, surveys of cameras, and much more. One of their better issues.
  • RESEARCH (1), with the tagline “For New Vision,” is a new mook from the makers of HUGE (and it’s being branded as a spinoff of sorts) that focuses on the “Advanced Workplace.” You get plenty of images of designers’ work studios, as well as company offices, and even a piece on small Tokyo offices. I’ve mentioned before my obsession with people’s works spaces, and so quite enjoyed leafing through this.
  • STUDIO VOICE (375) continues with its series of issues celebrating their 30th anniversary. The feature this time is on the “Creator of Our Time,” which is mostly made up of a look at the magazines archives, highlighting various creators that have appeared throughout the years.
  • REAL DESIGN (10) goes for fashion this month with a huge feature on leather shoes — can’t say that there was much for me to enjoy here. There is a profile on Gwenael Nicolas though.
  • BRUTUS (612) devotes its latest issue to the world of coffee, which means info on the beans themselves, methods of preparation, surveys of specialized coffee shops in Tokyo, and more. The “Tokyo Midtown Style Vol. 2” piece continues their coverage of the upcoming complex, set to open at the end of this month.
  • After a free preview issue last year, NUMERO TOKYO finally launches with a first official issue, and it looks like it’s going to be a monthly (I seem to remember the preview issue mentioning something about being quarterly). If you know the original NUMERO, then you know what to expect — a smart take on fashion.
  • EYESCREAM (2007/4) puts a Freitag bag on its cover to announce “The Recycle Issue.” Freitag of course gets coverage inside, and it’s not a bad survey on the art of “Creative Recycling.”
  • The latest PEN (194) is a big one — square-bound at that — and no wonder since its their 2007 Spring/Summer fashion issue.
  • This month’s AXIS (126) has a cover interview with Dai Fujiwara, and a feature that examines “Photographic Expression and Design” — how photography is used in design, and vice-versa.