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My latest addiction? PUZZLE QUEST (for the DS, although a PSP version is also available)! Mix in the trappings of an RPG with a combat system that plays like a BEJEWELED-like puzzler and you get more fun than I would ever expect from this sort of game. I’m not usually interested in puzzlers — LUMINES is the exception — but here I find the combination of abilities, spells, and the act of “killing” an opponent by matching rows of icons to be rather fun.

This coming week is a holiday for me, so I’m looking forward to catching up on some movies I’ve been meaning to watch for a while now. Lots of gaming planned too — already have a night of poker set up, as well as a night of CCGs (collectible card games), with hopefully some boardgaming, and plenty of videogaming of course. And yes, I do plan on leaving my apartment and doing some things around town, like catching some shows I’ve been wanting to see, as well as checking out a few new cafes and whatever else comes up. Who knows, you may even get a Tokyo Boy podcast out of it! I’m also trying to schedule some time for me, Ay2 and Yoshi to get together and record some new episodes of Radio OK Fred.

What else can you expect over the coming week? A new “This Week in Magazines,” certainly, probably as early as tomorrow. And speaking of magazines, I’ve already mentioned the magCulture blog a few times, but let me also point you to the new blog by Mr. Magazine (aka Samir Husni). If your passionate about magazines as a medium, you’ll definitely want to take a look. He covers the industry in general, as well as spotlighting notable launches.

I’ll finish off with a few reminders regarding PauseTalk. To get the latest updates, see this post. I’m really hoping that we can get all the projects happening without counting on the physical meetups, since I’m now realizing that it’s impossible to organize things when you only see each other once a month, and sometimes not even then (the participants usually vary greatly from month to month). I love the direction that things are taking with this idea of producing creative projects as a group, but I think that it should exist in parallel with the usual discussion and networking that participants have come to expect at the monthly gatherings.

UpdateUpdated to include the warning label, found via Lisa’s TOKYOMANGO blog. Make your own label here.