This Week in Magazines


  • BRUTUS (613) has its “2007 Style Book S/S,” so it’s one of those thick square-bound issues. They also include a DVD: “Maison Martin Margiela Films for Men SS 02 – SS 07 for Brutus Readers.”
  • PEN (195) has its annual look at the state of apartment-living, and hopes you “Enjoy Living in Flat!” Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy living in Ikebukuro, but I wouldn’t mind moving into some of the condo/apartments that get covered.
  • This month’s issue of TOKION JAPAN (58) covers “glocal” creator Yoshitomo Nara, and design unit Graf, about their “A to Z” collaborative project. There’s an interesting piece, in English, from TOKION 56 (“Creativity Now” issue), “The Magazine as Art Form,” where we hear from a few magazine designers: Eli Horowitz (McSWEENEY’S), Graham Rounthwaite (THE FACE), Grégoire Basdevant (COLORS), and Olivier Zahm (PURPLE FASHION).
  • TITLE (87) takes us on a “Design Trip to Scandinavia,” but the best thing is the article on Gothenburg creators, which includes a nice profile of Jesper. EMBEE, who was our DJ at the “Nudie Cafe” party, also gets a profile.