This Week in Magazines

  • The latest issue of EYESCREAM (2007/05) is pretty much entirely devoted to Jun Takahashi’s brand Undercover (“The Undercover Issue”), and they even score plenty of shots of Takahashi in action, which I think is a coup since I always heard that he doesn’t let himself taken in picture for articles. The core of the feature is a few days following Takahashi around in Tokyo and Paris.
  • BRUTUS (614) devotes an issue to classic art, with an insert examining “The Life of Jesus Christ” through art. The only thing I found particularly interesting was the reinterpretation of one of Leonardo’s famous pieces by Japanese artist Tabaimo. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it, but Tyler Brûlé has a regular column in BRUTUS now, appropriately called “Tyler’s Monocle.” How’s that for inter-magazine branding and cooperation!
  • STUDIO VOICE (377) proclaims that “Pop Never Die!!” The cover feature includes profiles of the “children” of Warhol, as well as a look at the artist himself. I know it’s their 30th anniversary year and all, but is it just me or is SV permanently turning into a chronicle of years and movements past. I’m seriously losing interest in what they’re covering month after month, and mostly take a look out of duty for these posts. Give me the new and the now!
  • PEN (196) says it’s time for “It Bag Hunting,” in a survey of luxury bags for men.
  • After the Taku Satoh/Naoto Fukusawa 21_21 Design Sight piece, the current issue of DESIGN NOTE (12) takes us on a terrific tour of veteran art directors. Great works on display by the following: Masayoshi Nakajo, Kenmei Nagaoka, Hajime Tachibana, Gento Matsumoto, Naomi Hirabayashi, Gugi Akiyama, Yoko Inoue, Awatsuji Design, and Kaoru Takai.