ART iT 15

A new issue of ART iT (15) is out, covering this summer’s Venice Biennale.

This issue is dedicated to the Venice Biennale that opens this June. Next to a feature introducing Cao Fei, a promising artist representing the young Chinese art scene, the issue contains comments from the first American in the role of total artistic director, Robert Storr, as well as those from commissioners and curators from Japan, China and Korea. Also in the magazine are some critical thoughts on the history of the Biennale, and, especially worth mentioning, a special “how I would have done it” feature analyzing the strategies of each country from the Asia-Pacific region for their respective pavilions. New features in this 15th volume include a section introducing and selling limited works by young artists (in this issue it’s Tabaimo), and an article that is part of the “Documenta Magazine Project”. Needless to mention, all texts are in Japanese and English.