TB.Pensar 004

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Is it just me, or has everyone in the world picked this month to come to Tokyo for various projects. It’s been a rather hectic month all around, and I’m definitely looking forward to the upcoming Golden Week holiday to re-energize and re-focus — I will also need to take that time to prepare for other things, but more on that some other time.

Just to update things with PauseTalk, a deadline has been decided for the 8mm film project: May 7, which is the date of the next meetup. That’s not to say you can’t make your short after that deadline, but I need to hear about it by then. The reason for the deadline is because I want to move on to other things, and so figured this was the best way to do so. As far as the PDF magazine project, I had a very interesting chat/meeting with Alin before he left town — he’s away in Europe for a couple of months, doing an apartment exchange with the M. — and we’ve pretty much decided to take this away from just being a PauseTalk portfolio showcase kind of thing, and make it our own project. Of course, we’ll be looking for contributors, but it’s mostly going to be our baby.

If you haven’t been checking VBS of late, you should make it a point to see their 5-part “True Norwegian Black Metal” series, part of their black metal — that would be death metal injected with a true belief in satanism — theme week. The ending is truly chilling. That being said, where’s Trace? Where’s Ian? It’s been weeks since the last new installment of SOFT FOCUS, and I’m really missing it.

It’s also been a good week in terms of media exposure. First an appearance in the latest issue of PEN, and then yesterday I was interviewed by TRAVEL+LEISURE for a piece the writer is doing on bloggers worldwide (I’ll post more on that later). Also, it looks like I’ll probably be back in front of the camera for NHK come June.

And now, games (you knew it was coming). Actually, I’m thinking of spinning this off into its own regular column, a place where I can just go nuts on the games I’m playing. My latest obsession: the first PHOENIX WRIGHT: ACE ATTORNEY for the DS. A lot of silly fun that I’ve really been enjoying, although the final “extra” chapter has been frustrating at times (almost done though). I’m already looking forward to playing the second one, and of course the third (out later this year). Next, some sad news. My game partner in crime, Brad — we really are the worst of influences, enticing each other to play games that we normally wouldn’t — has finally pushed me to try that most evil and addicting of gaming crack, WORLD OF WARCRAFT. So last night I popped my WoW cherry: I downloaded the game and started playing with their 10-day trial. My biggest fear — and what has kept me from trying out the game until now — is the “Joi Ito Situation.” Must be strong, must have control. If you want to play along, my character’s name is Jordak, I’m a big-ass tauren, and I play on the Moon Guard server (because that’s where Brad was playing). After one night’s play, I’m now at level 6.

Now, time for a delicious Sunday lunch at the French restaurant Nishimura no Mise, just down the street. Yuko’s waiting…