This Week in Magazines

  • BRUTUS (618) devotes its latest issue to Hitoshi Matsumoto (of manzai duo Downtown), who has been getting a lot of press recently due to the release of his film DAINIPPONJIN.
  • PEN goes extra-size for the celebration of its 200th issue, which takes a look at Edo design.
  • +81 (36) heads to the West Coast for this latest look at American designers. As always, the magazine is fully bilingual (English/Japanese).
  • DESIGN NOTE (13) has a rather nice cover feature on “Logo Typography,” including works from a few top creators.
  • I always find it hard to do a round-up for DESIGNERS’ WORKSHOP (153), since it doesn’t really do major features, and instead covers quite a few topics in every issue. Always worth browsing through though.