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Well, here I am, writing this from Apple Store Ginza. This week’s updates from Apple have not been kind to my MacBook Pro, first the 10.4.10 update screwing with my wireless connection (Airport card) and battery, and then yesterday’s Superdrive firmware update killing it. I brought in my MBP this morning, and they will replace the drive, but it means I’m without my MBP until Sunday (if I’m lucky) or Monday — this also means that this Monday’s PauseTalk will not be using the projector. At least they were cool about it, and even though I’m out of warranty, they will replace the drive for free, since it happened because of their firmware update. I’ve never been so happy that my main working tools are Gmail and Google Documents. I think the only thing I really miss is access to Ecto, for all my web writing, since I find it a pain to deal with adding links while writing in the WordPress admin. Anyone know of a great web-based blog posting app?

Might as well take this opportunity to make a few announcements I’ve been wanting to do. It’s been a suprisingly (and I’m very happy this) hectic month, with lots of work keeping me very busy, from pieces for various publications, to trend tours (I do them occasionally, until now quite unofficially, but will probably make the service more official sometime soon), presentations, and things keep ramping up. As of next month, I am the new editor for the Tokyo edition of the SUPERFUTURE SUPERGUIDES. These are just great — and you really need to print one up and fold it to see to what extent — and I’m excited to be involved with the entire project. Currenty they are only available for Tokyo and New York, but plenty of cities are going to be added this year. Also, as of next week, I will become a regular contributor to Gizmodo, starting with 3 Japan-related posts a day, as well as a couple of features a month. Most readers know I’ve been involved with the Gawker family of sites for quite a while now (first Gizmodo a couple of years back, then Gridskipper, then Kotaku), and I’m happy to see that relationship grow even more.

I have a few other big projects on the go, which I’ll keep hush-hush for now, but let’s just say that the move to full-time freelancing is looking like it was a good one, making it an exciting and happy time for me right now.