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More on Hitotoki in Japanese


I posted a while back about Hitotoki accepting submissions in Japanese, but what I hadn’t realized was that they are actually to be used on a completely separate site, to launch July 31, meaning that stories will not be translated from one site to the other. Here’s some info on the editor of the Japanese side, from the latest Hitotoki mailing:

A little bit about our editor of Hitotoki Tokyo (Japanese): Mr. Shinjo, is affable, lovable, quite tall, enjoys the occasional roof-top stogie, a little bit squishy if you know where to pinch and has co-authored/authored about thirty (!) books. From novels to meta-fiction to meta-novel-fiction on video games, he has razor sharp lit-chops and we’re delighted he has taken such a strong interest in this project. In fact we’re downright humbled. Thank you Mr. Shinjo!