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This Week on Tokyo Eye


This week’s episode of TOKYO EYE (#40) — it starts airing today — is the one which has me in the studio for the entire taping, and features the longest segment I’ve done yet, about 10 minutes long, on the creative use of space in Japanese architecture, featuring a few examples of what Atelier Bow-Wow calls “pet architecture.” The most exciting thing about the piece is that we were able to shoot at the now quite famous Moriyama House, and it’s in fact the first time the home has ever appeared on TV. When you watch the show, you’ll recognize the Coffee Saloon Kimoto, as well as the motorcyle and scooter showroom pictured above. This exclusive does mean that I won’t be able to put it online as I’ve done with my past segments. The broadcast schedule is listed here, at the bottom of the page.