Xbox 360 Woes

I feel really bad for my friend Brian. His Xbox 360, which recently died for a second time about a month back, was finally returned after about 3 weeks, and 5 minutes after plugging it in… it died again! For years I’ve ranted against Microsoft and the Xbox — the only major console of the past few generations I haven’t owned — only to fall under the spell of the 360 about a year ago (and it remains my console of choice), but seeing stuff like this just pisses me off. Brian also happens to be Night Editor of Kotaku, so I guess you can’t say that Microsoft gives any preferable treatment to the gaming press for better PR — everyone gets the same badly designed consoles, yeah!

While on the topic of games and Kotaku, just a note to say that as with last year, I’ll be doing coverage of next week’s Tokyo Game Show for them (along with the whole team of editors, who are all flying in for the show), on Thursday and Friday (Saturday and Sunday are open to the public).