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Radio OK Fred at Celine Omotesando


Just a reminder that tonight (October 31, 18:00-20:00) is the first of two live sessions of Radio OK Fred at the Celine Omotesando store, part of Item Idem‘s installation for DesignTide. For this Halloween edition, we (me, Yoshi, Ay2, and Egaitsu Hiroshi) will have as guests Combo Piano, Yayako Uchida, and Umitaro Abe. Should be fun, so come one come all! The second session will happen this Friday (November 2, 18:00-20:00).


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PingMag: TDW 2007 Survival Guide


As in years past, PingMag posts a nice survival guide for Tokyo Design Week.


PMKFA Updates


Micke (PMKFA) has updated his site with info and images on a few projects, including a live wall painting at a Uniqlo event, and the album covers for Kocky’s KINGDOME CAME and Lo-Fi-Fnk’s BOYLIFE.

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Jean Snow and TDW

Despite my cold and the surge of work, I’m still ready and rarin’ to go for this week’s Tokyo Design Week festivities, and I wanted to post something to update you on my activities during the week.

First, as you all know, we have the “Creative GBG” event happening at Cafe Pause in Ikebukuro, again in collaboration with Swedish Style. It starts tomorrow (October 29), runs until November 8, and I’d really suggest coming to the special edition PauseTalk on November 5 (from 20:00), which unlike regular editions, is open to one and all (not just participants). Expect more details on the various installations and participating creators to be posted here throughout the week.

Another event which I’m very excited to be a part of is a special live presentation of Radio OK Fred at the Celine Omotesando store, part of Item Idem’s installation for DesignTide. We (me, Yoshi, Ay2, and Egaitsu Hiroshi) will be doing two shows, on October 31 (Halloween special with Combo Piano, Yayako Uchida, and Umitaro Abe) and November 2 (Special Creativity Now! with David W. Marx, Antonin Gaultier aka Digiki, Marie from Colette, and PMKFA). The “shows” will happen from 18:00 to 20:00, with nice music, great talk, lots of unexpected happenings, and free drinks!

Also, as in past years, I’ll be covering the various design events, and taking lots of photos for MoCo Loco, so check there later this week for that coverage (and if you missed it, here’s my TDW preview from THE JAPAN TIMES). I also plan on posting a few TDW-related posts at Neojaponisme throughout the week.

Design Fashion

TABlog: Tomoko Konoike Interview

TABlog posts another interview with the makers of the latest TAB t-shirt collection, this time with designer Tomoko Konoike.

Art Events

PingMag: Naohiro Ukawa


PingMag interviews Naohiro Ukawa about his “A Series of Interpreted Catharsis episode 1 –Typhoon,” that appears as part of the current “Roppongi Crossing” exhibition at the Mori Art Museum.


Game Center CX


Brian Ashcraft writes up comedian Shinya Arino and his popular videogame-related TV show GAME CENTER CX for the latest issue of WIRED. also includes a look at the set.

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This Week at Gridskipper

You can read all of my Gridskipper posts here (or even subscribe to a feed).


Ghost Hound


For those who are wondering whey I didn’t post an anime season preview post this month, well, it’s because there’s pretty much nothing new in this latest TV season that I’ve been wanting to watch. Outside of the much-hyped new Gundam series — I’ve never been interested in Gundam, and so I don’t really see any reason to change that, unless it’s to see the original series that aired in the 70s, since my wife is quite obsessed with it — the only show that I’ve been wanting to check out is Production I.G‘s GHOST HOUND, which premiered last week on WOWOW, and is being advertised as a series to celebrate the studio’s 20th anniversary. It’s a collaboration with Shirow Masamune (GHOST IN THE SHELL), and is being directed by Ryutaro Nakamura (SERIAL EXPERIMENTS LAIN).

I just watched the first episode, and I’ll definitely say that I’m intrigued. As is the norm, you can’t really tell where everything is going from the first episode alone (I prefer not to read previews, because they tend to spoil too much), but I really like the way things are set up. We meet a young boy, who has flashbacks/dreams (somehow supernatural in nature) that finally suggest that something happened to him and his sister a few years ago — kidnapped, and I’m assuming the sister died. The most amazing thing about the series, and this is probably due in part to the fact that I was watching with headphones on, is the sound design. Half of the story, or rather the mood, is completely due to the sounds that sort of guide us through the boy’s dreams, or even his reality. Can’t wait to see where this is all heading.

UpdateI forgot to add that I really like the opening theme song by Mayumi Kojima, “Poltergeist.”


Rockin’ the Leopard!


As of yesterday, my MacBook Pro is sporting the nice new look of Leopard. Big thanks to my wife who stood in line at Tokyo University to pick up a copy — even though the Apple Store barely offers a school discount, at the university they were selling it for around 8000 yen, pretty much half price. Although I think Apple isn’t so popular in schools and businesses here, the University of Tokyo is a bit different, with lots of labs equipped with Macs, and so she said that at the student co-op there was a good number of people waiting in line, and then when it went on sale at 18:00, everyone started clapping!